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Sloth Full

Spend an hour hanging with our two-toed sloth in a full immersion encounter!  Come experience her personality, get one of a kind photos, learn about her, ask questions, participate in enrichment, and an opportunity to feed her.  She's pretty lazy so she may or may not eat!  Inside our Roos and Crew barn , you will also receive access to view our Kangaroos and variety of animals!




$129 Per Person

10:00 am Thursday-Monday

*Up to 8 people.  You will be in a humid and warm environment. 


*The Sloth encounter is under the supervision of our staff and they reserve the right to remove participants from the encounter if deemed necessary for the safety of the animals or participants. 

Participants 16 years old and younger must be accompanied by a paying parent or guardian over the age of 18.




Come meet a variety of small animals at our Roos and Crew Barn.  View our animals in an intimate setting and learn all about their personalities. 


Complete with a variety of small animals, kangaroos, and our iguana it is sure to be a memorable experience!


There is a $2.00 fee per ticket not included in pricing.  All animal encounters are non-refundable!  Any photos taken must be used for personal use only!



Save Time by clicking the link below and completing your waiver prior to arrival!

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Get the ultimate animal experience at Wilstem where you will get to meet the ENTIRE crew.  Experience begins at 9:30 with access to the Roos and Crew before open to the public, and encounters with Iguana, Sloth, and Kangaroos.  Includes the Drive Thru Safari with a cup of feed and Grizzly Ridge Walk Thru and 11:30 Elephant Educational Encounter. Take a lunch break....and then an 1:30 Giraffe Education Encounter...and get a souvenir tshirt. This is an experience you will not forget!  

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