Loft Pricing Information

Loft Rental (includes tables and folding chairs)-$850.00 + tax (9 month cancellation policy)
Day prior to event Loft Rental-$395.00 + tax


Event Add On Options Pricing

Grounds Rental (Loft Rental required)-$250.00 + tax
White Tent (Loft Rental required)-$795.00 + tax (9 month cancellation policy)
          30’ x 60’ elegant white tent with 3 center poles and peaks.  Seats up to 250 people.
Tent side panels with windows-$300.00 + tax
White Chairs with Padded Seats-$3.75 each (includes delivery and pickup, $150 deposit required)
White Wrought Iron Arch-$50.00 + tax
Podium with Microphone-$80.00 + tax
White Universal Chair Covers-$2.00 each + tax
Silver Chair Ties-$1.00 each + tax
Burplap Table Runners-$5.00 each + tax


Deposit Requirements

At time of reservation, the following is required:

Loft Rental-$850.00 + tax
Tent Rental-$795.00 + tax
White Chair Rental-Total amount + tax


Cancellation Policy

Loft-9 month cancellation policy/$350 cancellation fee
White Tent-9 month cancellation policy/$150 cancellation fee