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Frequently AskedQuestions.

Welcome to Wilstem Drive-Thru Safari Park!  While on your adventure you will get to see over 40 species of animals and animated dinosaurs....all from the comfort of your own vehicle!  

The best Wilstem experiences start by planning out your trip!  We highly recommend that you check out ALL we have to offer to create an once-in-a-lifetime, extraordinary experience!  See below for a list of common questions!

  • Is there an admission fee at the safari gate?
    Yes, adults, children, and seniors are priced individually, and that price includes BOTH the Wildlife & Dinosaur Safaris! ​
  • Do I need to be there right at 9:30 am?
    No, it is General Admission from 9:30 am to 4:00 pm.
  • Will I get to see the Giraffes and Elephants on the Drive Thru Safari?
    The Elephants MAY be visible depending on the time of day you participate in the drive thru. The Giraffes are visible in the Roos and Crew barn which is included with any safari purchase.
  • What are the hours of operation?
    The drive-thru safari park is general admission from 9:30 am EST until 4 pm EST. Our office hours are 8 am- 5 pm EST daily, and the Roos & Crew building hours are 10 am- 5 pm EST.
  • What days are you open?
    We are open 7 days a week, year-round!
  • Do we need to make a reservation?
    Reservations are recommended for all animal experiences including the wagon safari rides. That is the only way to guarantee your spot. However, if we still have spots available, guests are welcome to be added on upon arrival. Tickets for the Wildlife & Dinosaur safari in your own vehicle can be purchased in advance or upon arrival.
  • Can we get out of our vehicles to take photos?
    No, guests are not allowed to exit their vehicle during the drive thru experience.
  • Are their restrooms and food available?
    Restrooms are available at our Basecamp building. We also have a Cafe open on weekends and Gift Shop stocked with all kinds of souvenirs open daily! We also offer a picnic area for those that would like to pack a picnic lunch, and are just 5 short miles from both French Lick and Paoli, Indiana where several restaurants are located.
  • Is admission per vehicle or per person?
    Admission is per person, not per vehicle.
  • What happens if it rains?
    We operate rain or shine, and the drive-thru park is always open!
  • Do you have packaged pricing for multiple activities or animal encounters?
    We do offer an All-Access package that includes several of our animal encounters and the drive thru safari. For the elephant lovers, we offer a Rise & Shine Package as well that lasts a full 2 and a half hours. Otherwise, all activities and encounters are priced separately.
  • Do you have a restaurant on the property?
    Yes, we have a small selection of food items open on weekends. We offer snacks and beverages daily!
  • Does the Wagon Safari go through the Dinosaur Safari?
    No, the wagon safari rides do not go through the dinosaur safari. However, as part of your wagon safari tickets you are permitted to drive back through the wildlife and dinosaur safari in your own vehicle!


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